Saturday, February 6, 2010

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”

There's this store in Bellflower, the Holland American Store, that I love to go to. It's kind of in the ghetto, but it's only about 15 minutes away from my office... I should visit more often, but... since I usually skip lunch, I just don't get to.

I made a special trip there this week for my dad's birthday... I specifically was looking for spekkoek, but unfortunately, they were sold out until next month. Grrr. But I did find some other goodies, like....

...these super rad clog slippers. Don't you want some?
And my favorite thing to eat for breakfast, ever, chocolate sprinkles, for toast. How could you go wrong?!
They have sambal for days.... We are too wussy for the crazy spicy stuff, so we typically go with sambal bajak.
Krupuk? I think I will! Who knew shrimp flavored chips would be so good?

I don't know really what rum-flavored chocolate balls have to do with Dutch or Indonesian. I mean, the package even says "Jamaica Rummy's". But they are hella tasty.
These stupid things are dangerous. I will eat the package in its entirety, so it's really best that I just leave them on the shelf.
If you like licorice, which I don't, this is the place to go... literally, entire rows of shelves dedicated to different types of licorice. Ick.
They have some pretty random stuff, too, like this tamarind flavored balsamic glaze? I was skeptical about this stuff, maybe next time I'll give it a shot.
They've also got heaps of Dutch cheeses, which are super rad, and freezer cases of other Indonesian treats, like lemper (rice rolls, filled with a chickeny coconutty stuff), and other good stuff that I can't spell.

I love going there, it always reminds of how super psyched I was when Oma and Opa would have spekkoek to share, or brought home chocolate sprinkle things from Holland.... I think I'm out of chocolate sprinkles already, it might be time for another trip. Soon.

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